Are you a woman​ managing the demands of your personal life + a professional career or small business?
Do you want to accomplish more but lack the time and energy to do so on your own?
You don't have it do it alone.
Let God do it through you.
I'll show you how.

I'm here to help professional women live & lead
from a Spirit of power, love & self-discipline.

2 Timothy 2:7


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 Everything changes when we give
Jesus the first few minutes of each day.


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One of the main things I have taken away from the Purpose Dweller material is my growing ability to hear God's voice. I have learned so many wonderful things about God, myself, and others through this process.

-Monica, Professional Stylist 


I LOVE this slant for Purpose Dwellers! I will certainly benefit from it. Christian or spiritual women should be supporting each other, there's sometimes a little whisper "out there" that women who are really spiritual find better ways to live their lives than by working. Not true. We can be creative, spiritual beings wherever we are!

-Debby, Staff Accountant

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