Why am I here?

Can we really find the answer to life's biggest question?

Hi. I’m amy.

Counselor, Coach, & Purpose Dweller.
Pressing through my own struggles & searching,
I've discovered how to live out my purpose.

With my step by step program,
you can too.

Purpose Dweller's Discovery teaches you, in only 64 days, 
what has taken me a lifetime to learn.


who God is
who you are
why you're here


spiritual healing
emotional strength
mental well-being


personal power
control of your time
peace of mind


well-organized material
at your fingertips

a personal, private online
dwelling place

amy's stories of struggling and seeking 

an invitation to explore your story

step-by-step spiritual growth


guilt, stress, or pressure

anxiety or judgment

books or study guides

preparation or digging
for materials

reading ahead or
falling behind


And the day came when the need to remain the same
became more painful than the risk to evolve.


Take the 64-day Purpose Dweller journey. 


If you'd like to learn more, download
your free short and powerful e-book now.
"Discover Your Path To Purpose"

discover with friends

Take the journey with a few close friends & deepen your process. We offer multi-member pricing.

partners with purpose

We contribute 10% of each package to organizations that assist women & children locally & globally. 

Financial Assistance

Need a scholarship to take the Discovery Self-Guided journey? We'd love to hear your story!

peace of mind guarantee

If your package does not meet your expectations after 64 days, we’ll give you a refund & you can keep your gifts.