Partners with Purpose

You can support
safety & education
with your awesome life.

Here's how:

We donate from 10% to 100%
of each product & service
to Help One Now.
We are committed to building
a dormitory in Mayuge, Uganda
at His Mercy School in 2016!

We support organizations that demonstrate, in their efforts & expenditures, a commitment to loving people by way of Jesus' example.

They serve women & children by meeting one or more of the following needs-

food, clean water, and shelter

safety, love, and belonging

skills, education, and work


Sponsor a "buy one; give one" campaign

For each Rediscovery journey purchased
using your charity's referral code,
a journey will be donated!

a great way to support...

advocacy centers, transitional facilities,
single parent scholarship funds,
women & children's shelters, job corps,
community counseling centers, & more!