Read what Bootcamp graduates have to say about the program.

One of the main things I have taken away from my time working through Bootcamp is my growing ability to hear God's voice. I have learned so many wonderful things about God, myself, and others through this process.

Monica, Musician & Professional Stylist

“Purpose Dweller is a steady, purposeful, and inspirational journey that helps the individual to fully understand her true purpose. Understanding purpose in this way is life altering in the most positive way. It shifts your day to day walk through life. It changes your relationship with God. It changes your relationship with yourself, which in and of itself changes everything.”

Nicole, Executive Vice President

“Going through the Purpose Dweller journey was an amazing experience that helped me to grow even deeper in love and faith. Amy applies her unique gifts and talents to present scripture, prayers and readings in a way that helped me to engage and learn in a whole new way. I hope to have an opportunity to go through the Purpose Dweller Journey again, and it's one that I recommend to others!"

Kayla, Licensed Counselor

“Daily Scripture and stories drew me into the most intimate relationship I have had with the Lord. The structure of the study brought Scripture to life in a new way.” 

Kathleen, Prayer Ministry Facilitator

We asked a few Purpose Dwellers

"What problem does the 64-day Spiritual Bootcamp solve for you?"

Here's what they said:

The identity problems that arise from having a false view of God and of self.

Katie, Licensed Counselor

I am more conscious to finding many answers and purposes in everything.

Donna, Designer

It’s a platform of discovery and creates a springboard for even more!

Lori, Operations Executive
Dr. Eve Agee: Author & Founder of Transform Coach Academy

amy will help you connect more deeply to your purpose so you feel more fulfillment and love in every area of your life.


Wendi Phillips: Bank Marketing Executive

My weekly coaching calls with amy were soul-expanding & eye-opening. With kindness & gentleness, amy helped me see all God has for me. 


Heather Carpenter: Foster Care & Adoption Specialist

I would recommend purpose dweller to anyone who has the desire of understanding their significance or anyone who may be feeling "stuck." 

Milissa Roseburg: Photographer, Musician & Coach

amy's ability to see through my situation & pin point my desires kept me in line for my higher purpose. Her light & guidance is unique. 


Monica: Musician & Stylist

Before working with Amy, I thought, ‘If other people would get it together, my life would be great!’ She helped me see the value in doing my own work. This process has chiseled away my insecurities to reveal a strong, confident woman that I never knew was inside of me. If you put into practice even a portion of what Amy talks about, it will change your life.